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Jun 05, 2022 . Pons is the largest component of the brainstem located distal to the midbrain and proximal to the medulla oblongata. Any obstruction of blood supply to the pons, whether acute or chronic, causes pontine infarction, a type of ischemic stroke. Clinical presentation of a pontine infarction can vary, ranging from the classical crossed syndrome (ipsilateral cranial nerve ....


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Mar 13, 2022 . Ho ML, Gatien M, Vaillancourt C, Whitham V, Stiell IG. Utility of prehospital electrocardiogram characteristics as prognostic markers in out-of-hospital pulseless electrical activity arrests. Emerg Med J. 2018 Feb; 35 (2):89-95. [PubMed: 29055890].